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DIY Wooden Peg Chair

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hellooo you bundle of flowers in a pretty flowery meadow full of sunshine!...Or should I say RAIN?

Here in the UK it isn't like spring at all is it? Just weird weather that can't make up it's mind! One day I am going out without any cardigans or jackets and the next I look like I am wrapped up for winter all over again!

This is a small DIY  project that can easily be done at home.

All you will need:

❁Super Glue
❁Paint (colour of your choice)
❁Wooden clothes pegs
❁Old fabric
❁Cotton wool (or any other types of stuffing)

It's times like this where I really wish I started a YouTube channel to easily demonstrate how I did this! Should I start one do you think?

I must pre-warn you all it gets very fiddly & very messy but totally worth it because it's a really nice gift idea and it's very cute, the chair itself is no bigger than the size of my hand.

The Chair
You want to start by pulling apart all the wooden pegs apart and throwing away the wiry metal parts. After that, let your inner Lego building come out and assemble a chair somehow, I made a rocking chair but you can easily get creative it makes it a lot more fun. I think a summer version of this would look really awesome, maybe a deck chair? Remind me to try that.. (maybe you will see it on my new YouTube channel!!) If you struggle with doing this then keep an eye out for a potential video, where I can demonstrate the steps I used but for now the image is an example to use as a guidance.
Once the glue has dried and the chair is secure, you want to whip out them paintbrushes and noowww let out your inner child! (I'm always being a child at heart anyway)
You don't have to stick to one colour either, you could even paint little daisies on to add to the spring vibe. Once the paint has air-dried, you want to delicately brush on some gloss to not only harden it, but also give it a nice finished off effect.

The Cushion
Select any fabric of your choice (just ensure its not something you cut out of your clothes!)
I liked the flowery piece that I had spare nearby my craft box. you want to cut out two square pieces with the design facing inwards (don't forget! I'm watching you... wow that would be creepy wouldn't it?!) and you want to do a small close stitch all the way around the edges, but on the last side leave a tiny gap open (don't stitch it) and you need to turn the material inside out again so the pattern is facing outwards the way you want it.

The opening that is left is where you can add in the stuffing to give it a plump and comforting look and then you may stitch up the last little gap that you left. Aim to sew with a coloured thread similar to the colour of the fabric so it doesn't stand out too much and then simply place it on your new miniature wooden clothes peg Chair!

And there you have it, I thoroughly hope you enjoy and lemme know how well you get on with it!

Ciao 'til next time

Hopping on Easter

Sunday, 27 March 2016


Happy Easter you chocolate munchers!
Hopefully you are all having a lovely day, whether you are out hunting for those eggs in the sneaky hiding spots, going to church to celebrate the specialness of this day or just simply eating lots and lots of yummy eggies!

Here is Belle & Bambi at their second Easter! You can view their very first Easter here , I always like to take a special photo of them on each occasion, not only is it a nice memory it's also super adorable! I was saying to Gareth not too long ago...In the future if I ever have children, I will be one of the proudest mummies watching them grow up and treasuring every single moment. I am already doing that now with these two! 

Anyhow! I treated myself to some LUSHHH- gahhh! why do their products smell so good!
I'm not usually very fond of very sweety smells although I did take a liking to this one, it is called the 'Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb'. Did you get any over Easter & which products are you liking the most currently from the Easter range? (Psst, TELL MEEE...I want to try! It gives me a great excuse to go and buy more!)

-Squeezy cuddles- Thankyou to everyone who takes the opportunity to read my posts!
Ciao for now! xxx

Minnies | The delicate touch of spring

Friday, 25 March 2016


In this season, we can get away with wearing all things flowery and pretty.
However, I also find it really difficult to decide what to wear, sometimes it'll be too warm for jumpers but too cold for short sleeved shirt alone.

I have opted for this simple look which I will wear on the slightly warmer days of spring.

The colours go really well together, it's a thin high- necked sleeveless jumper this is perfect as the dress alone is quite low. The yellowy touch makes the outfit brighter without an over exaggeration! On colder days, I would wear this look with tights and some ankle boots.

What outfit are you really liking at the minute?

✾ Spring Resolutions ✾

Thursday, 24 March 2016


One thing I love about spring though is seeing all the beautiful flowers bloom out again, it's the time of year when I most enjoy going to garden centres and going on wellie walks!

I never enjoy walking too much unless it's somewhere really scenic, but I do enjoy going out to new places! 

Today, I walked around a nearby pumping station museum with Gareth. It was his first time there and it's always interesting and best of all it's interactive (including flushing an old Victorian toilet chain, oyyyaa beggaa exciting!!) Haha, now...I am not usually fond of history and museums- BUT I have been going to this specific one since I was little so it brings back a lot of memories and I wanted to share them with Gareth. My favourite part was the egg hunt event they had for young children (I totally did this to be part of the cool kids). I found them all though woooo, the last one was very tricky to find though! 

You should also try something new in this Easter Holiday, no excuses! Even if it's eating lunch at a restaurant you haven't been too yet or simply taking a drive to a different location that you can explore. Hey, you may pleasantly surprise yourselves. Let's call it your personal Spring Resolutions!

I'd also love to know what it is that you get up too, send it through on any of my social media profiles!

Ciao! xxx

Minnies | Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bambi and Belle wanted to wish all of you celebrating today a happy St. Patrick's Day!

After a long period of cold weather, I felt it was actually warm enough to let these mischievous two have a little run around on the grass, making it a perfect photo opportunity!


Crufts 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016


I went to the Crufts show in Birmingham at the NEC convention centre with my college as a little trip (easy day off).
It was the Toy & utility event showcasing all sorts of small breeds of dogs although there were also some fairly large dogs, the show was also celebrating its 125th anniversary! Talk about long running.

My favourite part of the entire day was seeing the little pomys! I have always wanted to have these little balls of fluffiness! I keep bugging Gareth about it saying that he should get me one... one day (dropping the hints) haha! 

Aren't they really adorable? They seemed to be very popular at the show! Apart from Pomeranians there were a selection of other dog breeds including; St Bernards, huskies, British bulldogs... so many dogs it's difficult to tell them all to you here. They were all presented on a display and people could come and see what they were like and pet them. The event was lively. The centre was massive inside, lights were strewn everywhere it was fantastic.

This was a photo taken from where we were sitting in the arena where the main show was being held, they did the agility for small, medium and large dogs. Last time I went to NEC it was for the clothes show which they usually have on in December- I went to that show around the same time I was doing my GCSE's. I think I definitely enjoyed the clothes show a lot more but that's just because the stalls where all filled with girly goodness!
Myself, Aimee, Tina & Laura
My friends and I walked around stalls before and a bit after the main show- they sell everything for dogs, literally anything you could think of. As you can see in the photo, we got our trendy snail headbands to promote the fight against lung worm in dogs.

Towards the end we saw the somewhat famous dog who was trained for the popular TV show 'Doc Martin', I believe the woman who trains the dogs for programmes came in to give a talk, I saw it at the end having his photo taken with who I think was his owner

I couldn't really bring anything back from the show as I don't own a doggy, so instead, I got this little stamp on my hand as a souvenir !

Overall it was a really enjoyable day out, me and my friends all had a lot of fun! I may go back there another year with Gareth as he has always wanted to go too! (shhh don't tell him though)

Ciao xxx

Mummy's Day ♥

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Today is Mothering Sunday!
 It started off with a morning of tea, a sweet-worded card, a loving present and a bunch of flowers.
I displayed it in her room with little fairy lights (of course) to add that extra little touch.

She really enjoyed her day!
My mum always works really hard and I wanted her day to be special as a way to say thankyou, we took her for a really nice meal and as a family we shared this huggeeee choccy pudding (it was definitely worth it).

Although I appreciate her every day, I really like mother's day. It's always heart-warming and loving.

I love you very much mummy x
Tell me below what you did today!


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