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A Touch of Autumn

Sunday, 30 October 2016


One thing I look forward too most in Autumn is the colourful walks, a touch of Autumn is all it takes to make me feel warm and cosy. I really love being out in the woodlands, kicking through the leaves, listening to wildlife and just unwinding. I often bring along an oversized scarf, a flask of hot chocolate and lets not forget my camera. Its all extremely beautiful and tranquil.

Ciao x

Handmade with love ♥

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I hope you're all having a lovely day!

 I wanted to make a special handmade card, it isn't very good, but I kinda like it. I just love 3D cards they're a lot of fun to make!

Ciao x

Looking inside my memory box!

Sunday, 11 September 2016


If you lovely people would like to have peak inside my secret memory box of my precious keep sake items, then head over to my YouTube channel! Much love <3

Minnies| We Couldn't Find It!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


New vlog out today on YouTube, 
We tried to be heroes, we failed but Milo loved it!

Minnies | BathTime Month again!

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Welcome back to another Minnie!!
It was that time again that Belle & Bambi have their bath time. There usually is no set time as such as guinea pigs do very well in cleaning themselves. But every few months I like to dedicate some time to give them a bath particularly if they have visited the park or been outside quite a lot.

I use very shallow, lute warm water and place them on a flannel so that they don't slip around.
 I use 'Johnsons' shampoo,
They get towel dried as they don't seem to like the hairdryer but that's understandable, I think if i was that small I wouldn't like it either hehe.

Summer Picnic Time

Monday, 8 August 2016


Saturday was such a lovely treat! Literally!

We had a picnic day in the garden soaking in all the sunshine and I loved it!

We set out pastel (pink and white) honeycomb decorations, blankets and pillows and made everything look picture perfect- it was so much fun!

We had lots of 'picky' foods as I like to call it on sharing plates and sandwiches of different fillings neatly laid out on a petite, floral cupcake stand. Oh I do love a bit of ham & cucumber.

Oh my! Hehe, silly little monkeys also joined in on the fun. If they weren't in their outdoor hutch they were playing freely on the grass nibbling away at tomatoes, peppers and cucumber.

I really liked this photo I took of him :3

 With a range of drinks and other nibbles and cakes, we were sure to finish almost everything! A day spent with my favourite person, and my guinea girls, of course.

 Have you been on any summer picnic-parties yet? They're simply my favourite!

Ciao! xxx

One Sweet Once- Upon- A- Time

Sunday, 7 August 2016


Ahh! I absolutely love weddings, it's a picture perfect day full of memories and the beginning of two people becoming one in marriage.

Yesterday I attended a wedding, it was a joyous and special occasion.
The setting was perfection and the warm weather was a great treat alongside with beautiful flowers, smiles, laughter and a few happy tears.

For the big day I did my mum's hair it a pretty half up-do which I felt worked well for thin and short hair. The fascinator complimented her dress and shoes well.
I washed & blow dried with lots a texturing spray, heat protection and volumiser. I then curled her hair loosely underneath and applied some serum, a bit of backcombing, tucking and pinning and this was the finished result.

The day start to end was magical. 

For privacy I can't show the bride and groom, but take my word for it when I say the dress was beautiful. I always look forward to seeing the dress, I get so excited over it. Anyone else?

 Mum's Dress & Fasinater: From Phase Eight, she wore it beautifully.

The food was delicious, the dessert is always my favourite part! There was popcorn, sweeties all around, drinks all day! So much effort had gone into the decoration, it was pastel and white and I loved it.

My favourite thing about weddings is that it feels like something from a fairy-tale that has come to life. Love is an amazing thing.

Whats your favourite thing about a wedding?

Ciao xxx

YouTube Channel Announcement

Monday, 1 August 2016


Exciting news! I now have a YouTube channel!

Being apart of YouTube is a new hobby for me, a new experience to try something completely different, presenting myself in a video rather than typing away behind a screen.
It is actually really difficult to get used to sitting in front of and talking to a camera and editing has been a new challenge too. Right now I am just experimenting around with different editing styles to see which I prefer. If you would like to view my channel you can see it here.

Enjoy my very first YouTube Video [Birthday Haul 2016]

To see the blog post relating to my Birthday Day Out, you can also view that here :)

(I hope you enjoy!)


Where have I been?

Sunday, 31 July 2016


I would like to start this post by saying thank you. 
Even though I have been away from my blog for a while, there has still been readers that still support me by viewing my content and it's encouraging to see that AmeBella still gets visitors! It's the humble feeling you get when you visit a friend and have a nice catch up with a cup of tea. 

Now I wish I could sit here and tell you that I have been on a journey full of adventures like going on a helicopter ride, having dinner up the Eiffel tower, experiencing a real life safari adventure with lions and elephants and cheetahs, taking a trip on a hot air balloon over some of the most beautiful cities in the world...

Sadly, I haven't. I've just been very caught up Boring things like college and assignments, even looking for part-time job! I won't go in to all that as my intention isn't to bore you to sleep, but I will say that I finished the first year of my course with straight distinctions, yay! I guess that this all got too much which was a small reason why I had a break, I wanted time to unwind, relax and be with people I love.

I started this blog as a happy place for myself, somewhere that I could share my thoughts and feelings. I knew no one was reading but I kept writing posts, in a diary entry format and continued this for a while until I decided to take this hobby seriously and make it into a place on the internet that people can join in with me, Amebella (previously MinnieMemee) went from private to public.
 I absolutely love sharing my thoughts and items that I have purchased, along with everything else.
 I have had some lovely comments and supportive friends and family along the way and have even been lucky enough to not have any hateful comments on my blog or anywhere on my social media.

I never set out with the goal in mind that one day I will be able to make this blog in to a job, sure, I did start an adsense account at one point to give it a try but I didn't mind that my account got denied. 
I was more interested in making AmeBella a positive and happy place for myself and others.
 After reading lots of other people's blogs, I was amazed by how professional and well-written they were but comparing my blog to theirs made me a feel a little bit disappointed and I wasn't sure why.
I feel it was because I wanted the opportunity for people to see my blog and to give it a small chance because I had worked hard at it, I've learnt a lot too particularly about how coding works (thanks to Mr.T). Recently, I have come to realise and remember that actually... I never created my blog to get people to read it and share the experience with me, I did it because it made me happy, really happy. 
At the same time though I have also really enjoyed sharing parts of my life on the internet and doing my part to spread kindness and inspirational messages. I will continue to write on AmeBella now in a way that people can also enjoy my posts, I just need to remember to do it not to impress anyone but myself because that is really important.

Currently I feel as though I am dusting away at my blog to uncover it. I would like to give it a go once again, even though I may be distant at some points in time. I completely forgot how much fun I had writing these posts, life just gets in the way sometimes ya know? It can make you a busy bee but there is no harm in sparing yourself some me-time doing the thing you enjoy the most. As for me? This is what I enjoy :)

Until next time, Ciao xoxo

Guinea Pig Care

Thursday, 28 July 2016


We all want the best for our beloved animals, it's important to know how to care for them properly.
I made a YouTube video that explains how I care for Belle & Bambi. Hopefully it will be useful, I tried to keep it short and sweet. If you guys would like much more detailed information let me know in the comments below and I can possibly do a blog post writing everything out answering all questions.

Minnies | Komorebi

Thursday, 23 June 2016


I have discovered a new beautiful word which describes something that is barely noticeable but yet so magical.

(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.

As you walk in the great outdoors, take a moment to appreciate your environment.
Think how it makes you feel.

The sunlight is so powerful, it is there as a guidance, as a source of warmth and happy holiday memories. 

What's a unique word you like?

Minnies | Summer Solstice 2016

Monday, 20 June 2016


Today is a unique event, it was the full strawberry moon which would be seen in the sky marking the longest day of the year.
This hasn't happened since 1948 apparently! It will be many many years before we get the opportunity to see it again. 

Here are some of the low quality photos I managed to take! However, I really enjoyed seeing it for myself. It shone a beautiful honey colour, the ambience of it really stood out and it was so nice to see!

Very romantic looking. 

Let's hope we will eventually get our hot days to enjoy now its officially summer! 

Night friends, see you tomorrow 

Birthday Time!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


It's my birthday!! Woohoo!
I had so many lovely cards and gifts from everyone which was so lovely, I woke up super excited for the day ahead. I had a special breakfast in bed too and I had my favourite.

 Mum and I packed away our books, some flip flops, a towel and our swimming costumes...
Can you guess where we went? To a spa!
It was a spa and afternoon tea day which mum and dad had arranged for me which was so nice of them! The place we went was very scenic and automatically had a relaxing feel to it as we arrived.

On our arrival we got some drinks! (Spritzers)

Afterwards we got shown out lockers where they provided robes and lotions, cold water and towels. All presented so beautifully. We got our swimsuits on and went to the area with the Sauna, Jacuzzi and Swimming Pool. We had a swim first and the water was so lovely and warm but of course my favourite was the Jacuzzi. It was really soothing particularly with my bad left arm, it managed to make it feel very relaxed. There was lots of women in this leisure area with us whilst all the men (their husbands mainly) were outside on their buggies playing golf. We got chatting to some of the women who was there and all were so lovely. Sometimes it's really nice meeting new people and having long conversations, even though you know you will never perhaps see them again, anyone else get what I am saying here? :)

Sandwiches were presented on the bottom layer, a lovely selection of different bread and fillings. The next plate was my favourite, fresh scones with a cream dip of strawberry jam- scones are one of my absolute favourites! The cakes were also pretty much perfection, each and everyone was made specially at the spa and they were really delicious! Every bite that was taken was filled with such delight, each was different, I particularly enjoyed the fairy cake with the white cream on top! The food was split between us all- (I am not that greedy!) and we relaxed in the beautiful tea room with our hot drinks!

Here I am with my wonderful daddy. 
There I am sat with my makeup free face right here on the internet...oh dear!
Mum and I got our robes on ready for our treatments, I had the facial.
It really benefited my skin.. but let me set the scene.

The beautician came in and showed me to the seat which I was to lay down on, filled with pure white towels, it was really comfy. I took off my robs and got under the towels and she entered back in the room, lights were dimmed down, it was quiet with calm music to help unwind (the song that I really liked was "Echoes In The Rain- By Enya" check it out its a really nice song, I might start using it for my yoga exercises! It was a mixture of face masks, warm and cold water with creams and oils it was heavenly
 It was the best treatment I have ever received, it made me feel so relaxed and I never wanted it to end, ever since I have seen so much more improvements with my skin.
 I bought the miniature version of what she used on my face so I could continue to keep my skin hydrated to the best of it's ability as usually I have quite dry skin (will be in my birthday haul).
 Any problems with acne or dry/ oily skin I highly recommend to have a facial and see what they suggest for your specific skin type.

Mum had a pedicure which included a massage, removal of hard/ rough skin and to have her nails filed, buffed and painted into this radiant shade of pink, it looked really really nice.
Funny little story, as she had her robe on she forgot that her nails would take around 4 hours to dry so she couldn't get her jeans back on without smudging it! She had to walk out with a towel around her to the car haha ! We all had a giggle about that.

Later on we all got somewhat glammed up. Look how lovely mummy looks!  
We were all really tired at this stage though, noticeable? Heck we didn't mind! It was a blast.

I was able to wear my new Pandora jewellery which I am really loving right now. Look out for my next blog post to see some other things (birthday haul) that I received as gifts.

For my birthday I wanted nothing fancy for my meal, I had already enjoyed such lovely foods ranging from rich to sweet to top- class deliciousness!
I have had so much Cake and Chocolates, and more Cakes and more Chocolates over my birthday party period. This simple pasta and meatballs dish at our local pub was just right. I wouldn't have ended it any other way!

I apologise for the low quality guys! Not only was it getting late at this point but also today was about relaxing and for all of us to enjoy ourselves without worrying about good lighting quality! 
I have some amazing memories of how my parents made sure I had the best 18th Birthday ever! I spend my first ever day at a spa with my beautiful mummy and I couldn't have wished for a better day.

Even the cake they had put lots of thought into, it's really yummy! 
It was specially made..I felt really bad cutting it but the whole of my birthday with the party included was perfection in every detail. I was really special and I will forever treasure the day.

I suppose I can legally do a lot more things now ey? 
Will be interesting entering the adult world, but I will still always and forever be a child at heart.

I have AmeBella as my pride and joy to hopefully keep me somewhat sane alone the way, haha!

Ciao !

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